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          1. Cement Production Line
          2. Cement Production LineCement Production Line, Cement Making Machine Pengfei Group is an EPC contractor for enterprises requiring dry process cement production lines with daily capacity no more than 10,000 tons. Its...
          1. Cement Grinding Equipment
          2. Cement Grinding EquipmentCement Grinding Equipment As a specialized cement grinding equipment manufacturer in China, we can also offer cement grinding machine design, installation and commissioning, technical consultation,...
          1. Cement Grinding Mill
          2. Cement Grinding MillUniquely designed with the material-chamber partition board and the grid plate for material level adjustment, our cement grinding mill is provided with increased airflow to improve the grinding condition inside the grinder. In addition, it is available with new type lining plate design, re-adjusted the rotation speed, optimized gear design and bearing bush lubricant. This helps increase the operation stability and service life of the grinding equipment, and also improves ...
          1. Rolling Machine
          2. Rolling MachineOur rolling machine is a newly developed cement grinding mill. It integrates functions such as roller pressing, material scattering, classification, drying, and powder separating. When used with a ball mill, the roller mill can be used for many grinding purposes, like pre-crushing, mixture grinding, semi-finished product grinding, and finished product grinding.
          1. Vertical Coal Mill
          2. Vertical Coal MillWith low energy consumption and small installation space, it is an economical solution for power generation, chemical, building materials, and metallurgy industries. The machine offers reliable operation under both high and low load conditions, and its grinding system parts has long service life. Additionally, the coal mill has characteristics such as simple production flow, low noise, and large crushing ratio.
          1. Cement Rotary Kiln
          2. Cement Rotary KilnOur cement kiln with sturdy structure runs smoothly and produces high quality cement clinker. It can be equipped with shaft preheater or five-stage cyclone preheater for option. With convenient and reliable operation, the machine offers stable thermal efficiency, and improved equipment operation rate. Comparing with its counterparts with the same specifications, the machine increases its operation rate by 10% and production capacity by 5%-10%, and reduces heat consumption by 15%.
        • VCS and GHG
        • To ensure effective operation of the environmental management system and to implement good economic and environmental behavior in accordance with national and local laws and regulations; to implement the verification system of environmental priorities and to prevent pollution in the production and construction process ...
        • Quality Assurance and After-Sales Service Commitment
        • To ensure product quality and project quality, we conduct a comprehensive inspection on the products we produce according to the product drawings and industry standards. In addition to the regular quality inspection, we pay attention to the following items. Establish an effective quality management system throughout the whole ...
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